Over the years, wallpaper has gotten a bad rap. We had a rough run in the 1960’s when your grandma had wall-to-wall, pink, flowered wallpaper that made you slightly dizzy. And then there were homeowners who tried to remove wallpaper themselves and ended up in a peely, damp, DYI nightmare. However, our team at Gemini Wallcoverings & Renovations wants to renew your faith in the power of wallpaper. After all, it’s 2020 friends, and wallpaper and glue technology has come a long way. If you’ve been considering wallpaper, but felt a tad hesitant, we’re here to make you feel confident in your decision because pretty paper awaits.

Myths about Wallpaper

Myth #1: Wallpaper is Permanent

People selecting wallpaper do it with the same commitment issues one might have when choosing a tattoo. However, because of the improvements in wall prep, primer products, and the installation process, wallpaper is actually far from permanent. Our experts use high-quality materials that stop the adhesive from being soaked into the wall, and it even resists mildew. This is why it’s so important to use a professional company to install or remove your wallpaper.

Myth #2: Wallpaper is Overpowering

We love using wallpaper as a dominant feature in a space, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Wallpaper can also be an awesome accent to your living space so it doesn’t seem overpowering. Think of spaces in your home that could use some pizzazz, like inside a reading nook, the wall along the stairs, or one wall of your sunroom. This is a great way to use wallpaper without quite as much commitment. Also, remember, it can easily be updated later.

Myth #3: Wallpaper Hurts Resale Value

If you’re thinking about installing some wallpaper in your home, don’t let the fear of hurting your resale value hurt you. Wallpaper has made a comeback and now it’s actually considered on trend, along with updates like new appliances and light fixtures. As long as your wallpaper isn’t decades old, it won’t hurt the value of your home; it will help it!

Our team at Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations Inc. loves wallpaper and all the options it gives our customers, so don’t be scared! Come on in to our Virginia location to take a look at the countless wallcovering options we have, or contact us at (571) 501-1405 to get a free estimate on wallpaper installation.

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