Most people want their homes to be a warm and cozy escape from the outside world – a sanctuary all their own. However, unless you’re a professional interior designer, it can be hard to achieve a comfortable, yet sophisticated space. At Gemini Wallcoverings and Renovations Inc., we love making our clients’ design ideas come to life. So if you’re looking to warm up your home this winter, follow these three tips.

Warm Up Your Space

1. Warm Up the Walls

Plain, white walls made a comeback in recent years; however, all that white can start to feel a little cold and sterile. To add warmth, wrap your room in a cozy, textured wallpaper that will add depth and visual interest to the space. Also, consider wallpaper made from natural materials like jute or bamboo that will add an organic feel and evoke memories of warmer days.

2. Warm Up Your Lights

Your choice of lighting greatly affects the warmth of a room, especially during the winter months when it’s dark in the afternoon. Make sure you have an abundance of different types of lights throughout your home. Most homes have task lights or ceiling lights, but it’s a good idea to also add table and floor lamps, and add even more ambiance with candles or string lights. Finally, stay away from cool white light bulbs as they can make the space uninviting and harsh. Instead, use soft white lights for the ultimate warm glow.

3. Add Textiles

Tile, laminate, or hardwood floors can feel really cold during the winter months, both visually and literally. Adding rugs will not only provide more insulation, they will also help bring a cozy aesthetic to the space. You can even use accent rugs on top of existing carpet; just make sure your accent rugs incorporate complementary colors. Next, add in some chunky woven throw blankets, throw pillows, and room-softening window treatments to bring the whole, cozy look together.

Are you ready to escape the winter weather in your warm and cozy home? Gemini Wallcoverings and Renovations, Inc. is here to help! We provide professional wallpaper installation and removal services, as well as interior painting to the residents of Alexandria, VA. Contact us today at (571) 501-1405 for an estimate on your next project.

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