After months of looking, you’ve found the perfect house in Virginia! The only problem? It’s covered head to toe in outdated wallpaper. Don’t fret, wallpaper removal doesn’t have to be the headache that it once was. There are a few simple steps to successful wallpaper removal. And if they don’t work, the experts at Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations Inc. are happy to step in and help!

Wallpaper Removal Tips

1. Score the Wallpaper

Scoring, or poking little holes in the paper, is a technique used to make sure the wallpaper remover solution can really sink in. Scoring is even more important for permeating vinyl-coated wallpaper or professionally installed wallpaper that won’t come off the wall with a simple rip. There’s really no need to buy a professional scorer; just run a fork all over the surface of the wallpaper, shredding as you go to make as many holes and tears as possible.

2. Spray the Top Layer Liberally

Spray the wallpaper with water, a store-bought wallpaper removal solution, or a mixture of hot water, fabric softener, and vinegar. It’s up to you what to use, just make sure to really soak the walls. You can check whether your outer layer will peel off easily immediately, but if not, you’ll probably have to wait about ten minutes for it to soak in well.

3. Peel the Top Layer

Peeling off the top layer is probably the best and most satisfying part! Peel and scrape it all off, until the adhesive layer is fully visible.

4. Spray the Adhesive Layer

Spray the adhesive layer. Make sure to spray every inch so it all soaks in! Wait another ten minutes, then peel it all off just like you did the top layer.

If you read these tips and decide that it’s just too much work, don’t be discouraged. Instead, call in the experts! Contact our team at Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations by calling (571) 501-1405, and get a quote on wallpaper removal. We’d be glad to help you and your new home get a fresh start.

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