When you’re remodeling your bathroom, you feel like you have a thousand tiny decisions to make along the way. One such decision is paint color. At Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations Inc., we want to help you make your bathroom your own. When you prepare to paint any room, there is more to think about than just the color. Our team has listed a few other considerations to help you with your decision.

Choosing a Bathroom Paint Color

Who Uses the Space?

The color you choose will greatly depend on who uses the bathroom the most. Are you remodeling your master bathroom? Or maybe you decided to update the bathroom right off the kitchen or the kids’ rooms? If it’s your master bathroom, you’ll want to choose colors that make you feel comfortable and calm. However, if it’s the kids’ bathroom, maybe bring them into the decision-making process or think in brighter, more fun hues.

Will You Be Reselling?

Most people have a general idea of how long they’ll be living in their homes. As your lives change and your family grows, your house can sometimes stop meeting all of your needs. Therefore, if you foresee a home sale in the next year or two, you may want to opt for classic, neutral colors that will not easily go out of date. Plus, these lighter colors tend to make a space look bigger, which is a good thing when you’re trying to sell a home.

How Much Light Does the Room Get?

When choosing a paint color, it’s important to pay attention to the light source. Lighting can drastically affect the way a color appears. If your bathroom has a big window and is filled with sunshine during the day, the color you choose will look completely different than a room lit only by incandescent light bulbs.

Let Us Help

Want to find out which color options are best for you? Or maybe you want to get started on bathroom remodeling? Contact our staff at Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations today at (571) 501-1405. We’d be glad to tell you more about us, about our remodeling process, and set up an initial consultation and estimate. From color to construction, we help homeowners throughout Alexandria, VA, with every step of the bathroom remodeling process.

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