You’re ready to start remodeling your Virginia home, but first, you have to hire the right home-improvement professional. Trying to find a contractor for your kitchen or bathroom remodel isn’t always easy. Even with recommendations from family and friends, you often feel like you’re taking a gamble no matter who you choose. So as you go about the process of hiring someone for your next home-improvement project, our team at Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations Inc. encourages you to use these five questions before you sign a contract.

Home Improvement Questions

1. What are your qualifications?

Yes, your Aunt Susan may have recommended someone very highly, but before you take her word for it, double-check that the remodeling specialist has the proper training, licenses, and credentials to work on your particular project. You want to make sure they’re up-to-date on specific building and remodeling codes so your home is not only beautiful, but also safe.

2. How long have you been in business?

Some contractors have been in business for years but may not be right for your project. Others have only just begun but are master craftsmen. So note that the years of experience doesn’t tell you everything. However, our guess is that if a company has been around for longer than five years, it’s worth looking into. If it’s been in business less than five years, just get as many examples of past work as possible so you can check for quality.

3. What does your quote include?

Like Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations, many home improvement specialists offer free quotes and consultations. Gathering multiple quotes is a great idea, but make sure you ask questions about all the fine print. Make sure the quote includes materials, labor, as well as any contingencies. Ask about the timeline for completing the project. Have the contractor walk you through it, and don’t be afraid to dig deeper.

4. What type of materials do you use?

Not all building materials are equal. While you want to choose a contractor that isn’t overcharging you, you also don’t want to choose one who uses sub-par materials just to save a few dollars. So as you go over the quote, be sure to ask about the type and quality of the materials.

5. Do you do all the work yourself?

Some contractors hire other home-improvement experts to complete parts of the project, like electrical, plumbing, or painting. This practice isn’t necessarily good or bad, but you want to know who is doing the work. If the contractor hires a plumber to do all the pipework, ask who the plumbing company is, and do a bit of research. It pays to cover your bases.

If you’re looking to hire a home-improvement professional in the Alexandria, VA, area, be sure to keep Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations on your list of potential contractors. Call us to get a free quote, and to ask us these important questions. We’ll gladly answer them and help you get one step closer to updating your home. Contact us today at (571) 501-1405.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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