While many people associate wallpaper with those yellow and brown kitchens from the 1970s, the reality is that wallpaper is trendy once again. But this isn’t your grandmother’s wallpaper. Today’s trends favor modern design and color palettes that our team at Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations Inc. have fallen in love with. Here are just a few of our favorites. (For more wallpaper options and ideas, you can check out this article or come into our Virginia showroom).

Wallpaper DesignVintage Appeal

If you have a historic home, then you’re in luck. You can find many wallpaper options that emulate styles from the past (that will still look good in the present). Examples include intricate or whimsical storybook etchings, soft rosettes, or even Italian damask in a variety of colors.


Wallpaper these days can even hop off the wall (or at least appear to). You can find wallcovering options that either give a 3D appearance or that actually add geometric shapes or patterns to your wall. These textures are great for accent walls or when you really want to make a statement.

Wallpaper InstallationBold Patterns

Some things just cannot be done with paint alone. Most of us don’t have a steady enough hand to paint the designs we want, and that’s where wallpaper fills in the gaps. You can find fantastic patterns from herringbone to geometric designs to tiny stripes and more. Plus, you can find patterns in almost every color imaginable.

Custom Murals

Turn your high-resolution photos into a wallcovering? Yep. We can do that. If you have a space where you’d like to recreate your trip to Europe or highlight your son’s big game, let us help you turn your image into a custom mural. This wallcovering option works for both residential and commercial purposes.

Find Out More

Want to discover some more of our favorite styles and patterns? Contact us today at (571) 501-1405 to get to know more about your wallpaper options and to get a free quote for both wallpaper and installation. Our staff at Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations Inc. would be glad to set up a consultation and help you start dreaming about new, modern wallpaper for your home or office.




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