Is your home starting to feel a tad crowded this winter? In Virginia, people generally are not able to get outside as much in the cold months, and that can leave a family feeling a little too close for comfort. The answer to your problems might just be located right beneath your feet, in the form of your unfinished basement. If you love your family, but you’d love them more with a little more space between you, now is the time to finish your basement and start using that space to your benefit. Our team at Gemini Wallcovering and Renovations Inc. has put together a list of tips to consider, to help you get on your way towards more usable square footage.

Basement Finishing

Moisture Risks

The first thing to consider before starting your basement remodel is moisture. It’s important to get your basement tested for moisture to see if the space needs dehumidifying. You will also want to be sure any precipitation drains down the roof and away from your home’s foundation. To prevent any unwanted surprises in the future, test for moisture before any drywall or flooring is installed.

Mechanical Systems

Our experienced general contractors can help you design your basement remodel so you can plan around your plumbing, ductwork, wiring, and gas lines. These elements can be concealed by adding drop ceilings or even building a separate room around larger systems like furnaces and water heaters.


Hopefully, you’re able to have windows in your basement rooms for natural light and ventilation. However, if windows aren’t an option, good illumination helps to make a basement a more pleasant living space. The placement of light fixtures along the perimeter of the room is a design trick that makes a basement appear larger and less dungeon-like.

Keep the family peace this winter by giving them the gift of some much needed space. Request a free quote today or contact Gemini Wallcoverings and Renovations at (571) 501-1405 to begin the process of finishing your basement. In addition to basement remodeling, we also specialize in wallpaper installation and home improvement.

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