Did you recently move into a new-to-you home that needs a little TLC? Perhaps you had great plans to remove the old wallpaper and update the space with new paint or a more up-to-date wallcovering. But now, that old wallpaper just won’t give. You feel like you’ve tried about everything in your arsenal, but it still won’t give. Before you despair, consider these few tips from our wallpaper removal pros here at Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations Inc.

Wallpaper Removal

1. Determine how the wallpaper was attached.

The ease of wallpaper removal depends largely on the contractor before you, according to the home improvement experts at HGTV. Your goal should be to remove the wallpaper without damaging the walls. So you need to try to figure out how that old wallpaper was attached years ago. First, see if you can simply start peeling the wallpaper back by hand. If it comes off easily, then keep going. If it doesn’t want to come loose or you discover adhesives were used to attach the wallpaper, then stop the peeling, and turn to a wallpaper remover solvent.

2. Set aside plenty of time.

Wallpaper removal is a labor of love. If you’re frustrated that it’s taking a long time, we have bad news: that’s kind of how it goes. So if you want to DIY it, be sure to carve out plenty of time to get it done, adding more or less time depending on the size of the space.

3. Invest in some wallpaper remover solution.

At your local home improvement store, you can find a number of wallpaper remover solutions and scouring tools. We recommend that you do some research and purchase a quality brand. You may be able to save money on an off-brand, but if it’s not good stuff, you may end up paying to repair your walls later down the road. It’s better to get good stuff from day one.

4. Let it soak.

Don’t just spray and rip. Allow the wallpaper removal solution to have time to work before trying to strip the wall. You’ll use less muscle power, and the paper will come off easier.

If all these tips just feel like a bunch of work you don’t want to do, then don’t be discouraged. Hire it done. Just contact our team at Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations by calling (571) 501-1405, and get a quote on wallpaper removal. We’d be glad to help you (and your home) get a fresh start.



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Photo credit: Dominic Alves via flickr license

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