If you’ve lived in a fixer-upper Virginia home, the word “wallpaper” may have you running for the hills. Maybe you struggled with wallpaper removal—spending hours pealing until your fingers hurt. Or maybe you had one too many days enduring that multi-colored rainbow bedroom wallpaper, installed for the 5-year-old girl who lived there before you. But don’t give up on wallpaper just yet!

Modern wallpaper has many advantages. If you’re getting ready to embark on home remodeling in the Alexandria, VA area, we at Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations Inc. think you should consider the perks of wallpaper.

1. Customize your home’s design.

One of the main reasons homeowners choose wallpaper is for the unique designs you can’t achieve with paint alone. For example, did you know that you can buy modern wallpaper that turns an entire wall into a dry erase board or a custom mural? Wallpaper is also a great option if you’re renovating a house to its original architectural and design period. At Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations Inc., we carry modern wallpaper that pays homage to decades gone by.

2. Add texture to your walls.

Looking for a way to add warmth and texture into a living room or bedroom? Fabric or grass-cloth wallpaper are just two options that add visual interest and that “homey” feel. You can find many different colors and textures to fit your space.

3. Keep cleaning easy.

If you have kids or pets, you know how easy it is for your walls to get marked up with fingerprints, slobber, grime, and who knows what else. Wallpaper is a great option for high-traffic areas, because many wallcoverings are insanely durable and easy to clean.

We at Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations Inc. love wallpaper and all the options it gives our customers. Come on in to our Virginia location to take a look at the countless wallcovering options we have, and get a free estimate on wallpaper installation. And if that rainbow wallpaper still needs to go, we can take care of that too with our wallpaper removal services.

Contact Gemini Wallcovering & Renovations Inc. at (571) 501-1405 to get started.

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